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Latch Developments

    About Latch Developments

    Latch Developments is a fresh presence in the Greater Toronto Area’s real estate sector, focusing on building mid-rise condominium projects with ground floor retail spaces to foster strong community bonds and enhance the quality of life in their surroundings. Founder Marc Nufrio, a seasoned professional in the industry, leads the company with a commitment to creating vibrant communities through thoughtful development practices.

    Delivering over a decade of experience in developing, designing, and building, Latch is dedicated to elevating urban livability by offering boutique homes in community focused neighbourhoods.They strive to imagine the optimal integration of live, work and play, while enhancing the quality of life, and local culture.

    History & Market Share

    Founded by industry veteran Marc Nufrio, Latch Developments brings a wealth of experience to the Toronto real estate landscape. With a background in trendsetting projects like The Yards, Local at Fort York, and Westlake in Southern Etobicoke, Nufrio’s expertise positions Latch Developments as a promising player in the market.

    Latch Developments

    Past Projects & Current Projects

    Latch Developments’ inaugural project, the Bennett on Bayview in North York, epitomizes the company’s dedication to boutique-style living and community enhancement. Featuring spacious suites with modern amenities and nestled amidst nature’s tranquility, the development sets the standard for quality living experiences in the region.

    Awards & Recognitions Received

    While still a burgeoning entity, has already garnered attention for its community-centric approach and commitment to elevating neighbourhood livability. As the company continues to expand its portfolio and influence, accolades for its innovative projects are anticipated within the industry.

    Latch Developments, led by Marc Nufrio, prioritizes community-building through mixed-use mid-rise developments like the Bennett on Bayview in North York. With a focus on enhancing pedestrian experiences and fostering strong community ties, Latch Developments is poised to leave a lasting impact on the Greater Toronto Area’s real estate scene.

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