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Northcrest Developments

    About Northcrest Developments

    Northcrest Developments, established in 2018, is a leading real estate developer in Toronto, dedicated to creating exceptional master-planned communities. The team comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds in city planning, engineering, real estate, and more, ensuring outstanding results in their projects.

    History & Market Share

    Northcrest Developments has gained recognition as an award-winning developer for its commitment to shaping the future of Toronto’s communities. Their focus on sustainable and vibrant developments has positioned them as a prominent player in the real estate market.

    northcrest developments

    Past Projects & Current Projects

    One of Northcrest’s notable projects is the Downsview Airport Lands redevelopment, transforming 370 acres into a low-carbon, pedestrian-friendly community. Another significant project is the Taxiway West Master-Planned Community, aiming to create vibrant living spaces and job opportunities in Toronto.

    Awards & Recognitions

    Northcrest Developments’ dedication to excellence has earned them global attention and accolades in the real estate industry. Their mission to create sustainable and innovative communities aligns with their vision of fostering thriving neighbourhoods.

    Northcrest Developments is a dynamic team of professionals focused on creating sustainable and vibrant master-planned communities in Toronto. Their projects, including the Downsview Airport Lands redevelopment and Taxiway West Community, showcase their commitment to excellence and innovation in urban development.


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