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    About ONE Properties

    ONE Properties is a well-established real estate developer with a 30-year history of transforming communities across Canada. Their recent expansion into Toronto showcases their commitment to creating sustainable and community-centric real estate developments. With a diverse portfolio of completed projects spanning office, industrial, residential, and mixed-use properties, This company to watch in the luxury condo market.

    History & Market Share

    Since ONE Properties inception in Edmonton in 1987, ONE Properties has grown steadily, expanding into Calgary and now Toronto. With 42 million square feet of properties developed or in development and 6 million square feet under management, they have established a strong presence in the Canadian real estate market. Their strategic acquisitions and developments have allowed them to create value and contribute significantly to the real estate landscape.


    Past Projects & Current Projects

    ONE Properties’ past projects include a luxury rental housing project in Calgary’s Downtown West End and an industrial park in southeast Edmonton. These projects exemplify their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability. Currently, their focus on Toronto’s luxury condo market signifies their dedication to redefining the city’s skyline with properties that cater to the needs of diverse communities.

    Awards & Recognitions

    ONE Properties’ dedication to building sustainable and transformative properties has not gone unnoticed. They have received numerous awards and recognitions for their innovative designs, commitment to sustainability, and positive impact on communities. These accolades further solidify their reputation as a leading real estate developer in Canada.

    ONE Properties is a reputable developer with 30 years of experience in transforming communities across Canada. They prioritize sustainability, community well-being, and innovative design in their diverse portfolio of completed and ongoing projects. With a strong focus on creating thriving communities and making a positive impact, They are set to redefine Toronto’s luxury condo market.

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