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    About Ballantry Homes

    Ballantry Homes has established an impressive legacy over the past three decades within the industry. As an accomplished and award-winning home builder, they take immense pride in crafting top-tier homes, delivering exceptional customer service, and wholeheartedly fulfilling their mission to create the finest homes and communities for their valued clients.

    Guided by their steadfast mission statement “we build dreams,” Ballantry Homes lives up to this commitment. Their housing options cater to individuals at all life stages – from young families aiming to upgrade to larger homes, retirees seeking to downsize, to investors exploring rental opportunities. Their unwavering passion and dedication shine through their work, and they remain resolute in their pursuit of client satisfaction.

    The roots of Ballantry Homes trace back to 1987, when two visionaries, David Hill and Bobby Bhoola, embarked on a journey to establish a home-building company that would be second to none in their field. Their shared vision was underpinned by a commitment to crafting homes of the highest quality, characterized by meticulous attention to design, materials, and construction, all while delivering exceptional customer service.

    Renowned for their excellence, this company has been instrumental in developing some of the most outstanding communities across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With an extensive portfolio of over 35 communities, they prioritize accessibility to top-rated schools and local amenities, including parks, major roadways, premier shopping destinations, and fine dining. Ballantry ensures the creation of secure and contented neighborhoods where clients can truly thrive.

    Their very first development, which consisted of ten lots near the mouth of the Rouge River, marked the genesis of their success. Thirty years later, Ballantry Homes, led by its founding partners, stands as a revered builder, steadfast in its pursuit of building dreams and achieving excellence.

    Ballantry Homes proudly reports that an impressive 95% of their clients have endorsed them for referrals to friends and family. This unshakable loyalty has been substantiated through surveys conducted by J.D. Power and Associates, which recognized Ballantry Homes as one of the “Top 3 Builders in Customer Satisfaction.” The developer has also been honored with an Avid Award for delivering the “Best Customer Service Experience” and secured a position in the top 25% of National Homebuilders for Homebuyers’ Customer Experience.

    What truly distinguishes Ballantry Homes from other home builders is their enduring relationships with suppliers, landowners, consultants, and financial institutions. These relationships afford them access to the finest materials and top-notch service. Many of these partnerships, nearly three decades old, continue to thrive.

    They have spearheaded the development of some of the most exceptional master-planned communities and homes in the GTA. Their reputation for an unwavering commitment to detail and the application of fine craftsmanship has garnered the trust and loyalty of countless homeowners.

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