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    About Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc

    A fresh face in the Canadian real estate landscape, Evertrust Development Group Canada Inc is rapidly carving a name for itself as one of the fast-growing real estate developers. Headquartered in the Greater Golden Horseshoe region of Canada, this new entrant has high aspirations, promising to redefine the region’s real estate skyline. The visionary spearheading this novel endeavour is none other than Jiancheng (Ted) Zhou.

    About Jiancheng (Ted) Zhou

    Hailing from Putian in the Fujian province of China, Jiancheng Zhou boasts of an impressive reputation as a notable scholar and business mogul—a reputation forged by his success in creating and managing 27 enterprises across diverse industries, which today, is worth a staggering $2.6 billion, and employs more than 3,000 individuals.One of Zhou’s enterprises that have earned him great accolades is the Shanghai Oriental Capital Group. This venture cemented his status as a prominent builder, having constructed a whopping 42 million square feet of mixed-use developments in China—featuring offices, hotels, retail outlets, hospitals, public parks, schools, recreation facilities, logistics infrastructure, and industrial establishments. The Oriental Capital Group also boasts the construction of more than 90,000 individual home units.

    Bridging Gaps in the Canadian Real Estate Market

    With several laurels under his belt, Zhou decided to set his sights elsewhere for further expansion. His destination of choice? The thriving Canadian real estate market. Relocating to Canada in 2013, he aimed to introduce his unique brand of customer-centric luxury condominiums to the country’s housing market—a market that was exhibiting promising trends.Rather than plunging headfirst into this endeavour, Zhou dedicated two crucial years to scrutinizing the Canadian market’s dynamics. During this period, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) experienced a dramatic upswing in the price of condos, a phenomenon that Zhou wisely monitored from the sidelines. Instead of joining the bandwagon and investing in Toronto, he pinpointed other potential markets in Southern Ontario.


    The Genesis of Evertrust Development Group Canada

    The result of this careful deliberation was the inception of Evertrust Development Group Canada. For his first Canadian venture, Zhou selected an iconic location – Niagara Falls. Recognized worldwide as one of the greatest wonders, Niagara Falls’ breathtaking views provide the perfect backdrop for Zhou’s inaugural Canadian project – Upper Vista.

    Upper Vista: A Class Apart

    Upper Vista has the unique distinction of being the first luxury resort condominium building in the Niagara region. Positioned adjacent to Thundering Waters Golf Club, this project mirrors Zhou’s vision of prioritizing customer-focused condominiums. Catering to a region abundant in high-end golf courses, scenic vistas, and exquisite dining options, this development is a much-needed addition to the local real estate market.Not forgetting the wine connoisseurs, this location offers easy access to Ontario’s wine country, allowing residents to visit their preferred wineries and enjoy their finest offerings. But that’s not all. For those who need to frequently commute to the GTA for work, the Queen Elizabeth Way, colloquially known as the QE, is but an hour’s drive away. Spanning the distance between Niagara Falls and the GTA, this highway morphs into the Gardiner Expressway once you reach downtown.

    The Future Looks Bright for Evertrust

    While Evertrust Development Group Canada may be a newcomer to Southern Ontario’s real estate milieu, it holds immense potential. Gifted with a visionary leader like Zhou, the company promises to bring a fresh, customer-oriented perspective to the region’s real estate market. Its focus on the untapped potential of Niagara, an area teeming with enchanting sights and sounds, makes it a developer to keep an eye on.

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