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Limen Group

    About Limen Group

    Limen Group is a fresh face in the real estate development scene, boasting over 25 years of extensive industry experience as accomplished builders. Although new to the development aspect, they have made a name for themselves through their exceptional work in various roles within the construction industry, including notable reconstruction projects in iconic structures across Toronto.

    Limen’s Accomplished History

    Limen’s portfolio includes significant restoration projects such as the renowned Fairmont Royal York Hotel and the historic Union Station, enhancing their reputation as a developer with national recognition. Their restoration work extends beyond Toronto, showcasing their expertise in cities like Brampton, Penetanguishene, Ottawa, and Vancouver, among others.

    Limen Group

    Limen’s Wide Breadth of Expertise

    Beyond restoration services, Limen excels in diverse areas such as masonry, stone paving, and concrete finishing, demonstrating a broad spectrum of capabilities. Limen Group’s versatility in access, civil work, shotcrete application, stone cladding, and more positions them as a key player in Toronto’s real estate development landscape.

    Limen’s Commitment to Safety

    Recognizing the value of a safe working environment, Limen Group prioritizes safety measures and invests in training to ensure their team’s well-being. Their dedication to upholding stringent safety standards has earned them the Certificate of Recognition from the Infrastructure Health & Safety Association, highlighting their commitment to fostering a secure workplace environment.

    Limen’s Future Development Plans

    While transitioning into real estate development, Limen’s established track record as a reputable construction company instills confidence in their ability to deliver landmark developments throughout Toronto. Their inaugural project, the East Junction Condos in Downtown Toronto, reflects their strategic approach to identifying promising neighborhoods for investment and creating vibrant living spaces.

    Limen, a new but experienced real estate developer, showcases a rich history in construction and restoration projects across iconic structures in Toronto and beyond. With a diverse range of expertise and a strong commitment to safety, Limen is poised to make a significant impact on the Toronto real estate development scene with upcoming projects like the East Junction Condos. Stay tuned for Limen’s future developments as they continue to embody their slogan “The Mark of Experience” in all aspects of their work.

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