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Parallax Development

    About Parallax Development

    Parallax Development Corporation, founded over 30 years ago by Owen Lawson and his partners, is a prominent real estate developer with a diversified portfolio spanning Canada and the United States. The company, under the leadership of Lawson’s sons, Nigel and Stafford, along with their business partner Michael Binder, has expanded its expertise across various segments of real estate development.

    History & Market Share

    Owen Lawson, the visionary founder of Parallax Development, instilled a passion for real estate development in his sons, Stafford and Nigel, who have since played integral roles in the company’s growth. With a focus on balancing work and life, the company has evolved from retail shopping plazas to a wide range of real estate projects, establishing a strong presence in both the Canadian and American markets.

    parallax development corporation

    Past Projects & Current Projects

    Parallax Development Corporation boasts an impressive portfolio of completed projects, including the luxurious mid-rise residential property Downtown, the mixed-use development at 540 College Street, and the retail center, The Diamond at Don Mills. Currently, the company has $200 million worth of projects in various stages of development, showcasing their commitment to innovation and excellence in real estate.

    Awards & Recognitions

    Over the years, Parallax Development Corporation has garnered recognition in the real estate industry for its outstanding projects and commitment to quality. The company’s dedication to delivering exceptional properties has earned them several prestigious awards and accolades, solidifying their reputation as a leading developer in the region.

    Parallax Development Corporation, a renowned real estate developer founded by Owen Lawson, has diversified its portfolio across Canada and the United States under the leadership of his sons and their partner. With a focus on quality and innovation, the company has successfully completed numerous projects such as Downtown, 540 College Street, and The Diamond at Don Mills, earning recognition for their excellence in the industry.

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