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    About Solmar Development Corp

    Founded by a hard-working immigrant from Naples, the Solmar Development Group has a rich history that spans over 25 years. The company’s founder, Benny Marotta, saw a dream of prosperity and stability in Southern Ontario. His vision, combined with a wealth of experience and dedication to providing superb customer service, led to the establishment of the Solmar Development Group. The company, over the years, has grown to be one of the most successful builders in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

    The Heritage of Solmar Development Group

    Benny Marotta grew up in post-war Italy, immersed in a harsh reality imbued with struggle and survival. Although he did not resort to activities like scamming or pickpocketing as many kids his age did, he always aspired to secure a better life. Southern Ontario, with its stability and opportunities, beckoned Marotta, leading him to establish the Solmar Development Group.

    Since its inception, Solmar Development Group’s primary aim has been to offer superior customer care coupled with tailored designs. The company’s legacy is underpinned by its commitment to these principles, manifesting in its impressive residential and commercial properties portfolio.

    The Emphasis on Customer-Centric Designs

    The company’s fully integrated Design Studio is a testament to their commitment towards personalized design. Here, future homeowners have an array of choices to help them make decisions about their new residences. Solmar Development Group places immense importance on this phase as it marks the beginning of the journey of homeownership. It is during this stage that individuals tailor their living spaces to reflect their lifestyle and preferences.

    In addition to providing a comprehensive list of options, Solmar Development Group also offers professional design consultants at their Design Studio. These experts work hand-in-hand with homeowners to transform blueprints into homes that exude personality, embodying the homeowner’s aspirations for their spaces. Ensuring a seamless experience, the group also offers a guideline designed to help homeowners prepare for their meeting with design consultants.

    Standing Firm on Principles

    Solmar Development Group has demonstrated dedication to upholding its principles, even in the face of adversity. A notable example of this commitment can be found in Marotta’s battle with the Vaughan city council to execute the Bellaria project. Despite the city’s preference for low rise communities, Marotta pressed ahead, knowing that the land was suitable for a high-rise condominium development.

    Following a tough journey, the case eventually moved to the Ontario Municipal Board, where Marotta was granted permission to proceed with his project. The incident stands as a testament to Solmar Development Group’s unwavering dedication to its beliefs and principles, which has played a key role in its rise as one of the most successful builders in GTA.


    Architectural Excellence: Oro at Edge Towers & Bristol Place

    Oro at Edge Towers , currently under construction at 24 Elm Drive, Mississauga The development offers elegant style and luxurious amenities, with suites ranging from 565 to 804 Sq.ft. located at Hurontario & Central Pkwy in Mississauga, Ontario.The building offers a range of suites with forward-thinking design, high-end amenities including outdoor terraces, a state-of-the-art gym, yoga studio, and private movie theatre, and direct access to the future Hurontario LRT. The architectural design of the Oro at Edge Towers reflects a contemporary approach, integrating modern elements with a focus on maximizing energy efficiency and combining new construction techniques with historic elements.

    Bristol Place is a new condo development currently selling by Solmar Development Corp located at 199 Main Street North, Brampton. The project offers a variety of luxurious suite designs, from 1 bedroom to 2 bedrooms.The development is set to feature a multi-storey podium with a shimmering glass exterior, an environment-friendly green roof, and soaring towers, making it a defining landmark on the Brampton skyline1. Bristol Place is expected to be completed by November 2027. The location offers easy access to public transportation options, including Zum, Brampton Transit, and GO Transit, as well as connections to MiWay, TTC, YRT, and GO Trains. The area also boasts a high Walk Score, with various dining, shopping, and entertainment options within walking distance. 

    The Future of Solmar Development Group

    Staying true to their customer-centric approach and reflective of their unwavering commitment to their principles, Solmar Development Group looks forward to a bright future. Their past and present success point towards a future filled with more innovative projects, designed to offer homeowners the best of luxury and comfort, coupled with personalized design and outstanding after-sales service. As they forge ahead, Solmar Development Group continues to build on their legacy with enthusiasm and unwavering determination.

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