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    About The Remington Group

    The Remington Group stands out as a benchmark real estate developer, establishing a reputable name over a span of 65 years. Based in Vaughan, this family-run business has contributed significantly to the cityscape of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). They have been instrumental in developing thousands of new homes and creating communities that encompass schools, leisure facilities, and shopping centres.

    Their portfolio boasts of a broad spectrum of projects, including awe-inspiring residential high-rise buildings, commercial locations, and functional industrial facilities. The Remington Group is famous for its commitment to quality. This dedication manifests itself in every project, with each embodying the highest industry standards.


    The driving forces behind The Remington Group are the Bratty brothers – Jerry and Rudolph. The siblings’ roles at the helm have propelled the business to new heights. Rudolph Bratty, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and Jerry Bratty, the serving Chief Operating Officer, have been hailed as some of the most skilful and forward-thinking professionals in the real estate business.

    Both brothers have harnessed their extensive legal, construction, and land development expertise to further their father, Donato Bratty’s vision. Continuing the family tradition and commitment to excellence, a third generation of the Bratty family has joined the company to carry forward its legacy.

    Commitment to Quality and Community

    Known for their integrity and dedication, The Remington Group has a hard-earned reputation for their professionalism, industriousness, and contributions to the community. They harmoniously merge cutting-edge innovation with traditional craftsmanship when designing their projects, creating unique and distinctive homes.

    The company’s commitment goes beyond just building homes- they aim to create lasting, quality households that align with their clients’ vision. Their generosity extends to significant investments in the communities they build in, reflected in their contribution of retail spaces, parks, and better infrastructural facilities.


    Gallery Towers. The Remington Group’s latest release Gallery Towers offers a place where everyday living comes infused with inspiration, imagination and innovation.Gallery Towers offers the opportunity to live in luxury in the heart of it all. Gallery Tower’s suite designs offer open-concept layouts, oversized living spaces with exceptional design and craftsmanship, right down to the smallest detail. Infused with natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows, generously sized master bedroom suites and oversized living areas to gourmet kitchens, the lifestyle is both urban and comfortable at once.In Downtown Markham, art weaves itself inextricably into life, for urban living unlike anywhere else. 

     IQ Condos Phase 3 is a brilliant master-planned community in Toronto at Islington and The Queensway, centred around a beautifully landscaped park with thoughtfully designed suites and great amenities.Designed to be the definition of smart, IQ3 takes its place in The Queensway’s most progressive vertical community. A place where smart design brings ease, convenience and sustainability, while our vision for what matters – art, connectivity, and interactivity – shapes a community that nourishes body, mind and spirit every day.

     The Remington Group continues to shape community landscapes, leaving a lasting impact through their dedication to quality and their visionary projects. By maintaining a commitment to strength, dependability, entrepreneurship, and innovation, The Remington Group continues to create prime spaces that encapsulate what it means to build for the future and invest in the community.

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