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    About 95 Developments

    95 Developments stands as a prominent Toronto construction company, distinguishing itself through a commitment to high-quality developments and innovative construction designs. Established as a leading player in the real estate industry, the developer has earned a reputation for solid architectural quality and exceptional service to its customers. Embracing multiculturalism, 95 Developments possesses a deep understanding of diverse market segments, providing a competitive advantage in the construction landscape.

    Specializing in a range of services, including commercial land development, condo development, property management, and asset management, the developer strategically addresses the growing housing needs and demands across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). What sets 95 Developments apart is its relentless pursuit of comfort, convenience, and quality for its customers, coupled with a genuine commitment to building lasting connections with clients.

    The developer’s core business model revolves around customer service excellence, demonstrated through collaborative approaches in client interactions to forge positive and strategic paths forward. Maintaining the highest ethical standards is of paramount importance to 95 Developments, ensuring that customer needs are not compromised in any way. The company takes pride in delivering first-class customer experiences, with a focus on creating structures that stand as testaments to timeless and sophisticated designs.


    95 Developments places a strong emphasis on unparalleled craftsmanship, aiming to leave clients with positive impressions through the delivery of quality designs tailored to the way people live. The ability to cultivate robust, positive, and dynamic relationships with top-level planners, architects, legal advisors, and designers further reinforces the developer’s commitment to achieving the highest standards expected by clients and the community.

    Notable Projects by 95 Developments:

    Victoria Garden Condominium Project: One of 95 Developments’ ongoing projects that exemplifies their commitment to quality is the Victoria Garden condominium project. Situated in the Scarborough neighborhood of L’Amoreaux, near the intersection of Victoria Park and Finch Avenue, this development showcases the developer’s prowess in offering exceptional stacked townhouses. The project not only contributes to the residential landscape but also serves as a testament to 95 Developments’ ability to bring innovation and quality to sought-after locations.

    Sheppard Garden Residential Project: As part of their future initiatives, 95 Developments is set to embark on the Sheppard Garden residential project. With a focus on delivering exceptional designs centered around quality and convenience, this project reflects the developer’s commitment to meeting the demands of the hottest and most sought-after locations in the city. From concept to development, 95 Developments employs in-depth research, planning, and due diligence to ensure a level of quality appreciated for both current and future residents.

    Commercial Cinema Expansion Redevelopment Project: In addition to residential developments, 95 Developments is venturing into commercial spaces with the Commercial Cinema Expansion Redevelopment Project. This initiative underscores the developer’s versatility and vision for contributing to diverse aspects of urban life. As the project unfolds, it is anticipated to add vibrancy to the entertainment landscape while adhering to the same principles of quality and innovation that define 95 Developments.

    Future Endeavors and Vision:

    Looking ahead, 95 Developments has set ambitious goals, aiming to provide over 1,000 residential dwelling units throughout the GTA. In line with their commitment to quality and innovation, the developer envisions a 200,000 square foot entertainment and shopping complex that will further enhance the urban experience. These future endeavors align with 95 Developments’ overarching goal of delivering exceptional designs that elevate the living experience in Toronto’s most coveted locations.

    In conclusion, 95 Developments emerges as a force to be reckoned with in Toronto’s real estate arena, marrying innovation with a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. From multicultural insights to a diverse range of services and a portfolio of notable projects, the developer’s journey reflects a dedication to shaping the city’s landscape with quality, convenience, and a touch of sophistication. As the developer continues to evolve and contribute to the dynamic GTA real estate market, it stands poised to leave an enduring mark on Toronto’s urban fabric. For the latest information, it is strongly recommended to browse the web and stay updated on 95 Developments’ latest achievements and upcoming projects.

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