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    About Camrost Felcorp

    Camrost Felcorp has been synonymous with excellence in the real estate development sector since its inception in 1976. This industry stalwart, with a history spanning over four decades, has been instrumental in shaping the Greater Toronto Area’s (GTA) skyline. As a pioneer in the field, their vision is not just to construct buildings but to contribute significantly to Toronto’s future landscape. Their production prowess is incredible, with 60 buildings, 10,000 residences, and 2-million-square-feet of space to their credit. Camrost Felcorp, with a staggering investment of over $1-billion in ongoing productions, shows no signs of slowing down. Their vast portfolio includes both residential and commercial establishments, engraving their prominence in the city’s skyline and essence.

    David Feldman: The Maverick Behind Camrost Felcorp

    The man behind the success of Camrost Felcorp is none other than its founder, President, and CEO, David Feldman. His vision of not only embracing the past but also planning for the future sets him apart. Residing in St. Clair West for several years, Feldman draws inspiration from the towers built during the 1950s and 60s on Young at St. Clair. His deep appreciation for the past and a desire for progress make him a forward-thinking developer that deeply understands Torontonians’ affinity for nostalgia.

    Feldman’s love for travel has taken him to some of the most beautiful cities worldwide, including Chicago, New York, Paris, and Madrid. These trips are not merely recreational but rather a rich source of inspiration for him. He often finds architectural ideas in the historical buildings of these stunning metropolises, reflecting in his construction endeavors back home, thereby contributing towards Toronto evolving as a global city.

    Camrost Felcorp’s Philosophy and Approach to Development

    At Camrost Felcorp, every project is treated with utmost dedication, integrity, and transparency. Whether it’s constructing luxurious condominiums or commercial buildings, Feldman and his team uphold uncompromising standards of excellence. They leverage a balanced team of architects, engineers, and consultants for each of their projects, thus ensuring consistent quality output.

    The Prolific Builder of GTA

    Camrost Felcorp has proven itself as one of the most prolific builders in the region. Their contributions extend beyond constructing buildings. They are invested in shaping the city’s long-term development trajectory, with no signs of slowing down.

    Notable Projects of Camrost Felcorp

    Imperial Plaza

    Imperial Plaza, a high-rise originally built in the 1950s as the Imperial Oil headquarters, is one of Camrost Felcorp’s proud creations. Once the tallest building in Toronto and the world’s largest all-welded steel frame building, it now houses a series of luxury condominiums. Its unique blend of history and modern luxury has won it the prestigious Merit Award from Heritage Toronto. It is located at 111 St. Clair West and was completed in 2014.

    The Avenue

    Another masterpiece from Camrost Felcorp is The Avenue, an elegant high-rise in the middle of the Forest Hill neighbourhood. This sophisticated building showcases some of Toronto’s best views. Situated ideally, it allows residents effortless access to the subway and bus stations and a straight route to the Bloor-Yorkville neighbourhood. It is situated at 155 St. Clair Ave West and was completed in 2011.

    Camrost Felcorp, with its vast portfolio of architectural marvels, has become an integral contributor to Toronto’s urban fabric. Their relentless commitment to crafting state-of-the-art structures rooted in timeless design and innovation continues to makes them the region’s most prolific builder and a stalwart in the real estate development sector.

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