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    About Capital Developments

    Capital Developments, headquartered in Canada, has been a beacon of real estate architecture and design, standing tall amidst the industry’s vast landscape. Established in 2006, Capital Developments has swiftly climbed the echelons of real estate development, earning its reputation as an award-winning and globally recognized company.This dynamic developer has redefined commercial culture not just in Canada but also in Central and Eastern Europe and left an indelible mark on its architecture. Capital Developments has evolved in the international community, later returning to their home country to ignite an era of opulent residential and mixed-use buildings in Toronto and Montreal.

    Veteran Leadership at Capital Developments

    Capital Developments is professionally managed by a dynamic duo – Todd Cowen, acting as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and Jordan Dermer serving as the Chief Development Officer (CDO). They both command a wealth of experience spanning over 25 years in the international real estate development industry.Their laudable partnership began with the establishment of TriGranit Developments in Europe. During a period of intense need for commercial retail spaces, the visionary leaders seized the opportunity to expand. TriGranit Developments was born out of the realization of the untapped potential of this developed region of roughly half a billion people, deprived of access to retail stores.

    Revolutionizing Commercial Spaces in Europe

    Alongside retail, the demand for office spaces in Central and Eastern Europe was also surging. Pioneering companies such as Vodafone and Morgan Stanley were on the lookout for office spaces – a need TriGranit aimed to meet. Seizing this golden opportunity, TriGranit rose to prominence, building across 12 different countries, and created an impressive portfolio comprising commercial and mixed-use buildings spanning over 10 million square feet.

    An Icon in the Canadian Real Estate Sky

    Having reached significant milestones in Europe, Todd Cowen and Jordan Dermer redirected their focus towards home – Canada. Selling the majority of their holdings in TriGranit, they established CD Capital in Canada.However, although the firm was financially robust, the founders felt that their development prowess was being overlooked. To highlight their mastery in property development, the company underwent a strategic rebranding to become Capital Developments, a label that encapsulates their extensive development journey aptly.

    Changing the Landscape of Toronto and Montreal

    Captivating those who behold it, Capital Developments set its focus on two prime Canadian cities – Toronto and Montreal. The firm has more than 2,000 condos in various phases of development, including the distinctive Redpath Towers on Yonge and Eglinton, aiming to refashion Toronto’s highly populated central region.The affluent locality and aesthetic designs of their buildings are set to redefine the area, already renowned for its boutique shops and restaurants. Additionally, Capital Developments intends to establish Redpath Cafe as a neighbourhood hotspot and a significant local attraction.

    Award-Winning Designs

    Accompanied by its array of remarkable amenities such as a 24-hour concierge service, golf simulator, fire pit, infinity pool, and steam room, the Redpath Condos is bound to redefine city living. The meticulously designed towers will dramatically alter Toronto city’s landscape, emerging as one of its most impressive landmarks.Capital Developments’ eminence in the industry is further cemented by its achievements. Their Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos is recognized as ‘Project of the Year’ at the esteemed Pinnacle Awards.

    Integrating People and Partnerships Into its Philosophy

    Rooted in the belief that people are the cornerstone of any successful business, Capital Developments is dedicated to nurturing long-lasting partnerships. The company looks for partners who “get it” – those who share their vision for forward-thinking designs, iconic architecture and exceptional attention to detail.This philosophy extends to their employees, whom they treat as their most crucial resource. Capital Developments’ embracement of people and partnerships further distinguishes them from their competitors.

    Revamping the Canadian Real Estate Market

    Capital Developments has made a nationwide impact as a member of the international community. Their continuous efforts to remix Canada’s major cities have set high living standards for Canadians.One such example is Ma Condos in Montreal, a premier development poised to provide unparalleled views of Mt. Royal and the Laurentian Plateau. Conveniently located between two green spaces and served by two Metro stops, the residential offering distances itself from the typical urban rush, promising a serene and peaceful retreat. Equipped with exquisite hardwood flooring, European style kitchens, quartz countertops, oversized shower stalls, a gym, rooftop terrace, and a yoga & pilates studio, Ma Condos is sure to redefine luxury living in Montreal.

    Capital Developments is setting new standards for housing and commercial spaces in Canada. With its unique vision, a pioneering approach in real estate development, and unswerving commitment to excellence in design, it’s no wonder that Capital Developments has made such a profound impact on the industry in such a short space of time. The company, led by Todd Cowen and Jordan Dermer, continues its legacy of shaping communities and redefining urban living. As Canada’s cities continue to evolve under their watch, one can only anticipate the extraordinary milestones to come. Their story shows that with the right people, partnerships, and philosophy, a business can indeed become an icon, as Capital Developments has undeniably become in the real estate industry.

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