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    About Fernbrook Homes

    Boasting decades of industry experience, Fernbrook Homes is an influential property developer based in Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. The company stands tall in the Canadian real estate market with a strong commitment to innovative design, enhanced residential comfort, and personalised customer services. With a track record of constructing thousands of homes and multiple communities over 30 years, Fernbrook Homes has progressively emerged as one of Canada’s distinguished builders.

    The Legacy and Leadership of Fernbrook Homes

    The dynamic leadership duo of Fernbrook Homes, Danny Salvatore and his son Joe, perfectly encapsulates their inspiring journey in the world of property development. Danny, a self-starter, set foot in the building industry as a teenager and honed his skills in every aspect of real estate as he grew. He successfully transformed a humble venture that began with three principles to an expansive real estate empire managed by over 100 professionals.

    The Fernbrook Homes Philosophy

    The mantra of Fernbrook Homes is simple; architectural elegance, classic design, luxury amenities, and exceptional customer services. Every project undertaken by the developer is a reflection of these core values. The company champions the belief that locational advantage is a crucial real estate success factor, constantly aligning their building projects with the best locations. Personalised services and customer satisfaction are pivotal in their strategy, wherein they offer relevant home customisation options to prospective owners.

    With a unique understanding that a ‘home’ means different things to different people, Fernbrook goes the extra mile to accommodate diverse client requirements. These homes encompass all modern conveniences as well as a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle, signifying Fernbrook’s commitment to total lifestyle environments.

    The Evolving Vision of Fernbrook Homes

    Fernbrook Homes unceasingly adapts to the evolving real estate landscape. During the early stages of their journey, they built their reputation through the development of exquisite low-rise master communities with innovative designs and province of a luxurious lifestyle. Presently, they have expanded their horizon by venturing into the high-rise condominium market, moulding the skyline of Southern Ontario with modern skyscrapers.

    Award-Winning Endeavours

    Fernbrook Homes has showcased their professional mastery by achieving notable recognitions, including the Award of Excellence at the 2012 Urban Design Awards for their star attraction, the ‘Absolute World Towers’. The buildings’ distinctive curvaceous architecture has made it a local icon, affectionately nicknamed the ‘Marilyn Monroe Buildings’.

    Notable Building Projects

    Absolute World

    Located at 60 Absolute Avenue, this iconic residential duo was completed in 2011. The twin towers dramatically redefined the skyline of Mississauga, each soaring to 56 storeys. Great attention to detail is apparent throughout the building, from the unique curves inspired by natural life to the 9-foot ceilings and classy baseboards. The development offers a range of amenities, including a pool, a yoga studio, a party room, and a squash court.

    Pier 27

    Situated at 25 Queens Quay E, this mid-rise luxury development was finished in 2014. Right at the heart of Toronto’s historic Harbourfront, Pier 27 boasts of 303 units, each with 10-foot ceilings, along with superior amenities such as a sauna, pool, and a game room. Its waterfront location enhances the charm and luxury of the property.

    Aria Condominiums

    Completed in 2011, Aria Condominiums are located on Buchan Court and offer luxury living in North York. With 18 storeys and 255 units, Aria is strategically located near vital infrastructure such as a hospital, as well as connectivity to the 401 and Don Valley Parkway. The condominiums overlook the Don Valley, thereby, offering residents splendid views of the natural valley, the city skyline, and historic residential neighborhoods.

    The Future Vision of Fernbrook Homes

    As the real estate industry continues to boom and evolve, Fernbrook Homes has strategically positioned itself to seize every opportunity. They have consistently been at the forefront, providing luxury homes and now catering to an increasing demand for urban residential properties. With a stellar combination of architectural expertise, finesse, and a commitment to exceptional customer service, Fernbrook Homes is set to redefine the real estate landscape in Canada, one innovative and luxurious project at a time.

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