Primont Homes

    Property Types

    • 75% Residential
    • 25% Condos

    Property Status

    • 67% Now Selling
    • 33% Sold

    Property Cities

    • 33% Vaughan
    • 33% Woodbridge
    • 33% Milton

    About Primont Homes

    Nestled deep in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Primont Homes has cultivated a stellar reputation as a premier home builder. With roots tracing back to 1956, Primont Homes has grown from modest beginnings in southern Italy to become a well-respected and award-winning establishment in the GTA. The Company’s founder, John Montesano, started his career as a bricklayer to become one of the industry’s most respected figures and leaving a legacy that continues to shape the company.

    Primont Homes Journey to Canada

    John Montesano took a significant step in 1960 when he moved to Canada. Two years later, he founded his masonry contracting business before venturing into the housing industry in 1971. His dedication and years of toiling away, combined with his vision of the potential in the GTA, led to the creation of Primont Homes in 1975. In the 15 years that followed, the company constructed over 350 homes, and completed its first commercial use building.

    A New Leadership for Continued Growth

    The helm was passed within the Montesano family in 1989. Joe Montesano, the new president, took the company to greater heights, overseeing the construction of over 530 new homes by 1999. The early 2000s marked a significant period in the company’s growth. With the naming of Lore Montesano and Charles Attardo as Vice Presidents in 2000 and 2003 respectively, Primont Homes was en route to new horizons.

    A Testament of Success

    The company’s dedication to quality work, customer-centric approach, and great leadership led to an explosion of growth. By 2005, Primont Homes had constructed over 1,500 homes. The growth didn’t stop there; by 2015 the organization had constructed over 3000 homes. This success has not only made the company one of the most prolific builders in the GTA and Southern Ontario but has also stamped their name in real estate field.


    The Breadth of Primont Homes in GTA and Southern Ontario

    Primont Homes has built in a variety of communities including Brampton, Cornell, Milton, Oakville, Richmond Hill, and Woodbridge. By living up to their philosophy of treating every customer like family, the company continues to build high-quality homes while providing excellent customer service. Their dedication to top-notch craftsmanship and elegant designs reflects in every project and upholds the legacy of John Montesano.

    Venturing into High-Rise Residential Construction

    Famed for their low-rise houses, Primont Homes undertook a new challenge in 2017—the construction of high-rise residential buildings. Their first project, M Condos in Brampton, promises to mirror the meticulous dedication that has defined their low-rise homes.Primont Homes is an award-winning company, which only adds to the allure for potential investors. But their accolades do not end with their awards. The company has a compassionate heart, being key contributors to several charities like Sick Kids, Starlight Children’s Foundation, and Mackenzie Health.

    New Developments in the Condo Realm

    Though the company has vast experience in low-rise homes, its venture into the condo market is only the beginning of a new chapter. The same dedication to building high-quality homes is assured to extend into this new venture. Future projects in Brampton and the rest of the GTA are already in the pipeline.

    A Poetry in Brick and Mortar

    Primont Homes is a hallmark of quality and excellence. Carrying a legacy that extends over half a century, the company continues to make its mark on the housing sector in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. With its expansion into high-rise residential construction, the sky is the limit for this award-winning company. As we eagerly anticipate the next chapter of the Primont Homes story, their undying dedication to quality, exceptional designs, and customer satisfaction will remain as cornerstones of their success.

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