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    About RioCan Living

    Shaping the Future of Canadian Real Estate

    When speaking about robust and reliable entities in the real estate sector, one name stands out in Canada – RioCan Living. A trusted name that established itself in 1993, it has indeed evolved into the most substantial and credible Real Estate Investment Trust in Canada. Integrating a crucial balance of retail properties and extensive shopping centres, they have built up an impressive property portfolio. Acknowledging the value of their roots and keeping an eye on growing demand trends, they have included numerous residential condominiums into their portfolio, focusing on establishing a real community within each.

    Striding into Toronto’s Residential Condominium Scene

    Edward Sonshine is the visionary founder and CEO of RioCan Living. With a foundation as a real estate lawyer, his potent skillset and understanding of the market have been instrumental in diversifying the company’s offering. Recently, he has directed the company into Toronto’s bustling residential condominium market. The company seized the opportunity to develop numerous mixed-use developments, aligning perfectly with the prolific demand facing the city.


    Relationships: The Building Blocks of Success

    RioCan Living attributes its success to a careful balance of beneficial relationships, nurtured over time. Their network of tenants, retail consumers, and the communities within which they operate lay as the cornerstone supporting their progressive journey.

    Their approach is broader than being solely developers or executives. They view themselves as essential stewards of community and are known to take public pledges towards shaping the future. They unswervingly believe in accommodating every tenant need, be it retail or residential.

    Adapting to Changing Market Needs

    One of the defining characteristics of RioCan Living is its impressive ability to interpret national and international property trends. They work tirelessly to construct their properties, keeping pace with the evolutionary needs of the market.

    Maintaining their focus, they strive towards environmentally-friendly property development. Prioritising accessibility, they meticulously map out the tenant mix within each project, driving towards a balanced and diverse community. Their vision is clear – creating a real community and enriching experiences for everyone involved.

    Eco-friendly and Accessible Spaces for the Future

    Edward Sonshine’s foresight extended into predicting the increased necessity for rental properties in the foreseeable future. A trend that aligns with the growing number of buyers priced out of the inflating Toronto housing market, the company decided to turn this into a significant part of their portfolio.

    RioCan Living embarked on an ambitious enterprise that involved building 10,000 new residential units over the next ten years. To make this a reality, they entered into partnerships with various condo developers spread across the GTA, acknowledging the undeniable growing appeal for such assets.

    Real Vision, Solid Ground: A Partner in Prosperity

    Investing in real estate can often be a gamble for many, but the balance of risk shifts when you consider partnering with RioCan Living. Known for their unparalleled eye for sturdy investment opportunities and ground-breaking development capabilities, they have earned their inspiring motto – “Real Vision, Solid Ground!”

    RioCan Living continues to provide premier quality units that don’t only meet but set market standards. Their discerning taste for quality materials and features resonates with those of their clientele.

    Championing Commercial Retail Divisions

    While RioCan has started focusing on residential projects, their excellence and historical prowess in commercial retail divisions cannot be ignored—an example of such a project is the Yonge Eglinton Centre. This office complex combined with shopping and dining options resulted from meticulous planning, culminating with over 75 operational shops within its three-storey mall.

    Another feather in RioCan Living’s cap was the development of the Queen & Portland Loft & Condominium Residences in partnership with Tribute communities. A boutique condo of 9 storeys located in the heart of Queen West neighbourhood, this steel and glass monument celebrates modern city life.

    RioCan Living seamlessly integrates innovation, experience and vision. Shaping Canadian real estate today, they echo values of community, sustainability, and prosperity into tomorrow. Embracing this progressive approach, they have met and surpassed market expectations regularly. Upon investing with them, one can confidently say – the satisfaction of being a proud home or property owner is truly unmatched.

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