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    About The Daniels Corporation

    The Daniels Corporation is a distinguished and successful developer and builder in Canada. This reputable enterprise is recognized for their vast experience spanning more than three decades in the industry. Distinguished for constructing over 27,000 homes, the corporation has expertise in developing varieties of properties ranging from master-planned communities to apartments and commercial spaces in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

    The Visionary Behind The Daniels Corporation

    John H. Daniels, the founder of The Daniels Corporation, has been a major influence and force within the real estate industry. He has been the backbone of the company, fostering an environment that appreciates the value of community building. His vision ensured that every project The Daniels Corporation undertook, embodied a sense of community that every resident could be proud of. He was keen on creating communities that were not just an amalgamation of homes, but an environment where the residents could live, work, and play with pride.

    Commitment to Community Development

    The Daniels Corporation’s commitment to community building is notably interesting. It placed immense importance on building social, cultural, and economic infrastructures. This progressive approach aids in establishing a unique and distinctive sense of place where all its residents can identify and interact with as a community.


    Trailblazing Initiatives by The Daniels Corporation

    The Daniels Corporation further showed their trailblazing spirit by being the pioneers in constructing rental housing and launching incentive programs to support individuals in achieving homeownership. With special initiatives like the Gateway Communities, they offered a unique home investment program. These programs allowed the residents to contribute a section of their monthly rent into savings geared towards a down payment for the purchase of a new Daniels home. This initiative largely aided first-time buyers who were seeking homeownership.

    Integrity and Vision of The Daniels Corporation

    The Daniels Corporation is synonymous with integrity, creativity, and vision in every residential community they build. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in the meticulous details and the efforts placed in seeing every project through its construction to the final delivery. There brand stands as a testament to dedication and quality.

    One Park West: A New Beginning

    Adding to its portfolio of diverse projects, The Daniels Corporation developed One Park West, a 13-storey boutique condominium residence. One Park West holds the distinguished honour of being the first condominium situated in the newly revitalized 69-acre Regent Park Community. This stunning structure which houses 177 suites has given a new perspective and identity to the previously disadvantaged area.

    The Spectacular Festival Tower

    The Festival Tower, another striking project by The Daniels Corporation stands tall at 42 storeys. This eye-catching residential condo is located within the lively Entertainment District neighbourhood. Housing 378 unique suites, the tower is in proximity to the TIFF Bell Lightbox at the corner of King Street and John Street in downtown Toronto. This mega-structure not only serves its purpose as an efficient residential building but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the skyline.

    The Daniels Corporation has proven its mettle by integrating vision, integrity, and creativity in their approach to community building. By focusing not just on architectural accomplishments, but also on the socio-cultural aspect of living, the corporation has carved a niche for itself within the real estate sector. Its innovative approach towards community development has set new standards in the industry and has changed the landscape of the Greater Toronto Area, making it a more livable, vibrant, and inclusive space.

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